Living • Learning • Leading

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University Life Core Values

Foster Student Success

We believe in the potential of Mason students and strive to be their mentors, allies, teachers and advocates. We create environments and opportunities that are conducive to their learning, development, and success.

Live and Act with Integrity

We are committed to the highest ethical and professional practices. We strive to be respectful, intellectually honest, and personally responsible for our ideas, behaviors and actions and to promote a safe, open, just environment for engaging in honest discourse.

Embrace Our Differences

We believe there is strength in diversity and inclusiveness in our local and global communities. Through our speech and actions, we affirm the dignity and self worth of all individuals and repudiate injustice, discrimination and hatred. We actively recognize, support, teach, and advocate understanding, tolerance, mutual respect, belonging and civility.

Catch the Mason Spirit

The Mason Spirit is the pride and excitement we feel as part of our diverse community. We embrace collaboration, involvement, teamwork and collegiality.

Show You Care

Each of us matters. A genuine ethic of care binds us together and unites our community. We seek to listen and understand with our heads and hearts and to build camaraderie through humor and enjoyment while working to make a difference.

Dream Big

Innovation, invention, and imagination are the cornerstone of the Mason experience. We are motivated to initiate and adapt to change driven by new ideas, processes, and technologies for improving our work and community.

Celebrate Achievements

We acknowledge in meaningful ways the accomplishments and contributions made by students, faculty and staff as individuals and groups. We expect the best, support honest effort, and honor courageous acts even when success is not assured.

Pursue Lifelong Learning

We encourage continuous learning and development for ourselves and others in and out of the classroom.

Lead By Example

We believe that everyone is a leader and that leadership exists in many forms. We empower the leader and the supporter in each of us in order to build a better world.

Living • Learning • Leading